Implementation of the cropping method

Mixed crop spring wheat and field bean demonstration days in Drenthe

In recent years, there have been experiences with the mixing of grain and legume crops (including spring wheat and field bean). The grains of organic farmers in the sandy soils usually find their way in the food segment. Field trials of recent years showed that the mixed crop of spring wheat and field beans increases the protein content of the spring wheat. It is now time for implementation of this method of cropping on a larger scale in which the conventional arable farming and livestock sector will be closely involved. Since there are still many questions about cropping and processing of the harvested product, interaction with research and supply companies will be necessary.

1. Implementation of mixed crop of wheat and field bean and integration into existing feed regimes.
2. Improve the quality production of the cereal crop and reduce the dependence of the (organic) cattle breeding through exchange of knowledge and experience about cropping of wheat and field bean.

Consideration in Wezup-Orvelte with arable farmers and livestock farmers
at a project meeting about the mixed crop